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Voices from the Global Humanities

Voices from the Global Humanities is a project that highlights the work being done within humanities centers and institutes around the world. This ongoing project begins by focusing on the ways humanities have adjusted to COVID-19 and retooled their programs to serve their campus communities and the broader public in this moment. The podcast is produced by the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI).

VOICES allow us to speak with each other. With Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes members, projects, and events spanning the globe’s continents and communities, the ability to hear each other’s voices can help to connect our vibrant community by keeping us up to date with one another’s thoughts, challenges, and efforts to explore and to enrich the humanities everywhere. The audio programs included in these series have been created for everyone as an invitation to think about some of the most substantial questions present in the world today.

Field Noise records, edits, produces, and mixes these episodes in consultation with the staff of CHCI.

Learn more on the website.

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