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Human Powered

Human Powered is a podcast that highlights people trying to tackle hard problems in their cities through humanities inspired projects. Season one features an art exhibit designed to combat racism, a writing workshop to help people overcome the trauma of sex trafficking and sexual assault, and an oral history project designed to help people better understand climate change and each other.

Human Powered is a show about how people make places better. In our first season, we explore Wisconsin together to meet real people and hear in-depth stories that we hope leave you feeling closer to your neighbors—and inspired by where you live.

The show is a collaboration between Wisconsin Humanities and Love Wisconsin and produced by Field Noise Soundworks, including host and co-producer Jimmy Gutierrez and co-producer Jade Iseri-Ramos.

The Field Noise team records, writes, and edits all episodes, and the show is mixed by Final Final v2.

Learn more on the Wisconsin Humanities website.

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