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Field Mix 10

I call the Field Mixes my personal attempt to reboot Pure Moods, and this latest installment is certainly no exception. I don’t think this is unusual for the series, but the entire back half of this mix (maybe back 60%?) are songs that I would normally classify as mix tape “closers” in one way or another: slow jams, piano-laden instrumentals, songs about loss, what have you. And, it turns out, some of them are actually closers on their respective albums. It all started because something about “Sleeveless” just reminded me of “Don’t Leave,” and from there I just couldn’t shake that vibe.

🎽 Speaking of “Sleeveless,” the chorus plays with the words “sleeveless” and “sleepless,” but the video goes hard into sleevelessness. Thanks to my friend Paige for turning me on to this song.

🎧 There is never a bad reason to revist Cody Chestnutt’s The Headphone Masterpiece, but in this case it was a conversation my wife and I were having about the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know. I haven’t even seen it, but I want to, especially since “5 on a Joyride” is on the soundtrack.

🔎 “A Kind of Promise” is the closer on Claire Rousay’s new record, “a softer focus,” which is a beautiful mix of field recordings and string arrangements and piano and some droney synth elements—it’s a special little record. You can read an interview she did with Foxy Digitalis (which is back!!) right here.

🛏 “bed” is the title track (and closing track!) on Bathtub Cig’s new EP. It’s a COVID record for sure—another standout track is “Quarantine Dream”—but like some of my other fave COVID records, it just taps into loneliness in a way that is personal and beautiful. This song is really sad and really lush (flutes!) and just sounds great.

The full mix can be streamed above and on Spotify, and the full archive of the mix series (now approaching six hours) is also available on Spotify.

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