Craig Eley

Let's Explode

It's been quiet around here for a while. And here's why: for the last year I've been learning how to make Song Exploder. In fact, last week marked the one year anniversary of

Vibrational Patterns Transcript

[Carleen Hutchins] This is where we work. Start that again, will ya? This is where we work a good part of the time, mostly in the winter when it’s cold. And we

Listening Back to 2020

Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks so much for subscribing. This newsletter is one of the things that has been fun to work on this year, and I'm excited to share more writing

Singing in the Streets

On Saturday, I heard a celebration. It was around 11am, and I was throwing some recording equipment into my car before an interview I was scheduled to record in Milwaukee. Earlier that morning,