The Content

Obviously, this is a blog. But “field noise” is really a catch-all idea for a variety of projects that I’ve tried (and mostly failed) to put on the web for the last several years. It started as a blog, then it was a mixtape series / music podcast, and for a while it was a Commons in a Box site for sound studies scholars. Now it’s a blog again. It’s good to be back. Pardon the mess as I work on fixing some of the broken links that happened in the migration.

The Code

This is a Jekyll site running the Hyde theme, with help from Bigfoot, jekyll-archives and glynn. The favicon is Radio Tower by Erik Vullings for the Noun Project. This site is hosted by Reclaim Hosting.

The Person

I’m a cultural historian and radio producer interested in sound, media technologies, nature, and data. Currently I’m an ACLS Public Fellow at To the Best of Our Knowledge, a weekly radio program produced at Wisconsin Public Radio. You learn more at my homepage and find me on Twitter as @craigeley.