Revolution Remixed

Apologies for the “radio silence” (couldn’t resist) on this blog as of late, but as you likely know, I have been busy working on actual radio. My first two months here at TTBOOK have been an exciting and exhausting crash course in the ins and outs of public media. I’ve been working on digital initiatives large and small, including a ton of content for an upcoming mini-series on death and dying, as well as some more blog-like posts which I’ll hopefully be able to show off sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, the staff has also been very patiently working to get me up to speed on audio and broadcast production, and the first piece that I (mostly) edited went live yesterday. It’s an interview with none other than movie-star-turned-revolutionary Russell Brand. After making headlines for expressing his politics of non-voting on British television, he decided to devote a full book to explaining the rationale behind his position on voting—as well as income inequality, meditation, etc. I don’t want to editorialize here (something about the ethics of my job?), but in my edits I did my best to accurately depict the tenor and content of the conversation he had with our producer Charles Monroe-Kane. I’ve embedded the piece below, but you can also have a listen on the site or in the podcast stream.

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