Apple Applies for Patent on 'Audio Hyperlinking'

[Apple Applies for Patent on ‘Audio Hyperlinking’](\

Throughout this week’s #LASTS13 event (about which I’ll have more to say soon), I kept thinking about sound: how can we add audio into the DH conversation in a meaningful way? What tools and practices would we need? This patent application from Apple seems really intriguing, providing the ability to link to additional audio content during a podcast.

It also seems to me that multi-track audio is underutilized in this regard. HTML5 allows for multi-track, which could be used for things like subtitles and captioning, but also could be used to add commentary or interpretive audio tracks on top of “primary” audio tracks, for example. At least, I think it could be used to do that. I haven’t messed around with HTML5 much yet myself, but would like to.

Also, speaking of podcasts, yesterday I got to meet Associate Dean Chris Long, who runs the Digital Dialogues podcast. It’s a great place to check out some of the digital projects he has in the works (a book, an open access journal) and learn something about philosophy while you’re doing it. I’ve added the whole series to my queue, so that’s what I’ll be up to today. You can read more from and about Chris at his website.

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