Updates from Happy Valley

I’m happily writing this from Liz and my new house in State College, PA. We’ve been here about a week, and I’ve already started to settle in to my new position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, as a part of their “Being Humans” initiative. So yes, I successfully defended my dissertation on June 6th. Finally. Thanks to Justin Kerr of Black Sheep Postal Service for making these awesome graduation announcements.

I’ve got great office space in Ihlseng Cottage and a very flexible schedule, so hopefully I can get back to posting more here—the last few months have been busy with writing (on top of moving halfway across the country…) which also means they have been busy with procrastinating and tinkering with my “workflow.” I have lots of updates to the logging ideas I was messing around with earlier in the year, which I’ll try to share soon.

Also, this fall I have some academic essays in the pipeline that are under review with a handful of journals. It’s a bit too early to say for sure if and when they’ll be out in the world, but hopefully I’ll be able to share more details soon. So yeah—12 months at Penn State start…now.

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