NMALH Session Video

Back in December, I went to the New Media in American Literary History Symposium hosted by Northeastern and organized by the seemingly indefatigable Ryan Cordell and Rhae Lynn Barnes, who runs US History Scene.

Despite “literary” being in the title of the event, there were a handful of us there working on audio, and we were lucky enough to have Lisa Gitelman serve as the moderator and discussant on our panel. The event was live-streamed, but if you missed it then, the good folks at the NULab have recently posted all of the sessions.

This isn’t necessarily my best work, but it is the first time I formally presented on the idea of “natural history media,” which has been really helpful as I frame out my current book project (which might be titled Hearing Natural History). At this point I’m pretty used to hearing the sound of my own voice, but this video was pretty challenging to get through—and I probably won’t read my notes from my phone in future presentations. Ah well.

Anyway: you can (and should!) see my presentation in the context of the full audio roundtable and then watch the rest of the symposium.

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